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Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Service 1.1

Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Service 1.1: Displaying the Reporting Services reports in Silverlight applications Silverlight put obstacles in the way of effective work with reports. Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services is the first on the market product intended for displaying the Reporting Services reports directly in Silverlight applications. The product includes a native Silverlight control and is easily integrated into any Silverlight application. Full compatibility with Silverlight 3.0 provides the ability to use it not only in the applications, located

Nevron Chart for SSRS 2009_Vol.1: Professional Chart component for SQL Server Reporting Services
Nevron Chart for SSRS 2009_Vol.1

Charting Areas. - Multiple Legends. - Multiple Tittles. - Complete set of 2D/3D Charting Types. - Advanced Axis Model. - The industry-leading set of XY and XYZ scatter charts. - The industry-leading support for 3D charting. - The only chart for SSRS with Grid, Mesh and Triangulated Surface Charts. - The only chart for SSRS with Photoshop-like effects. - The only chart for SSRS with HTML-like rich-text formatting. - Seamless integration with SQL Server

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Wintree 5.0: Intuitive gedcom-based genealogy data management and chart program.
Wintree 5.0

charts, family trees and reports in a wide range of formats, including HTML, PDF, PNG, JPG, RTF, Silverlight, Postscript and SWF Flash, with the option of dynamic scrolling for Flash images. Charts can show all relatives (including cousins), ancestors only, or descendants only, in boxchart or dropline styles, and can be printed on multiple pages or by large-format plotters. HTML reports and charts can be linked to allow you to click on a person in

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MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight 1.2: A reporting component for Silverlight.
MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight 1.2

Silverlight platform with the ability to create and display various kinds of reports. The component supports complex data-binding scenarios and comes with a built-in scripting engine that allows adding calculated values to the report. Output options include a Silverlight report viewer component, print and print preview. The main features are: - support for master-details relations - display images and formatted text - host any Silverlight control

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TeeChart for PHP Open Source 1.0: Object-Oriented Charting component library for PHP developers
TeeChart for PHP Open Source 1.0

Chart Components for Delphi for PHP Applications - Database support - Direct access to URL addressable Charts - Designtime PHP Form WYSIWYG Chart Control - Standard Series types - Extended Series types - Statistical functions - 2D, 3D Chart - TeeChart Themes for template and colour palette management - Direct high-speed, add of Array data to Chart. Very quick ! - Zoom, scroll at runtime - Multiple unlimited Custom Axes - Flash / Flex Chart exportation

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TeeChart Java for Android 1: 100% Java code Charting Component for Android development environments
TeeChart Java for Android 1

Charting Component library for Android development environments. Written in native Java and includes 100% sourcecode as purchase option. TeeChart Java Chart for Android is developed to support multi-touch screens, Android 2.1 and greater, though can be easily adjusted to support earlier versions of Android. Includes most chart series types like pie chart, line chart, points, area, bar, gauges and maps and 2D, 3D formats.

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Comparison Chart 1.2: Create informative and visually appealing comparative diagrams.
Comparison Chart 1.2

chart. Creating a comparison chart is not usually an easy task. To get a visually appealing, comprehensive and easy to handle diagram, you had to possess the skills not only of a marketing or advertising specialist, but also of a graphic designer. Now with Comparison Chart, creating diagrams is as easy as can be. You don`t have to worry about the order of your lines and columns beforehand: with Comparison Chart you can change their relative position

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